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August 11, 2006

Why I like working for SDX

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www.sdx-ag.deTime and again I’m asked why I like working for SDX. The short answer is: “Working with bright people!”

The longer answer:

  • Working with people that challenge you and that you can challenge – to accomplish something better.
  • Working with people with whom you can quarrel about one thing and drink a coffee afterwards, joking about something different.
  • It’s the mixture of professionalism, determination, motivation, and fun. The fact that you can rely on your collegues to be honest with you (even if it hurts).
  • Having the opportunity to work with new technologies, evaluating them, and finally use them. The opportunity to question old ideas and develop new ones. To accomplish something new, to drive progress, for the individual, for the current project, for the customer, and for SDX.
  • And the fact that all this does not stop with bits and bytes, rather it is a common attitude reaching from dev people to sales to marketing.

There is of course the fact that at SDX we work leading edge on SOA and .NET. This may be the thing that makes SDX attractive (for customers as well as for new collegues), yet in my opinion this is just a consequence of the things said before.

PS: I lied in the first sentence. Time and again I’m asked whether I would like to work for XY. Well, things may change, so keep asking ;-).

PPS: This post was not sponsored, nor did anyone ask for it :-).

PPPS: If you like what you just read, if you are from Germany (Rhein-Main-Area), and if you would like to give SDX a try, just visit http://www.sdx-ag.de/jobs/jobs.htm.

PPPPS: Too bad, I should have thought earlier of sponsorship… 😕

That’s all for now folks,


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