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March 10, 2007

New version of my AddIn…

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BrowseCurrentFile.jpgI just put a new version of my addin on my web site (for a first introduction see this post). Here are the major changes (apart from bug fixing):

  • Browse current file: Methods now show signatures
  • Browse current file: Generics shown correctly
  • Browse (all): Support of progress bar
  • Browse (all): Persistent window size
  • AddIn: first tests under Vista

There is currently an issue under vista with language packs. Menu icons are not shown and shortcut keys are not assigned.

Obviously MS has changed the loading scheme of the resource DLL — I need to fix that, once I get an idea how to do that). They also made the same mistake the once made with localized VBA languages (remember your VBA keywords being translated from IF-THEN-ELSE to WENN-DANN-SONST?). Now they translate the key codes (“Ctrl-Up Arrow” to “Strg-NACH-OBEN-TASTE”) as well as the commands. Can you believe that?

Anyway, I took care that the AddIn works, but nothing more. The missing icons are no vital part. Regarding shortcuts you need to assign them manually until I have fixed that issue. 

I think I have addressed some of the feedback I got (if only in the FAQ help page). Other feedback has been placed on my todo list (including flattened presentation, i.e. a list control rather than a tree control for browse).

I hope you enjoy it.

That’s all for now folks,

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