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July 8, 2007

Happy birthday…

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Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday, dear https://ajdotnet.wordpress.com/

Damn, that bulky name spoiled it. 👿

Yes, roughly a year ago I startetd this blog. When I began blogging I had no idea, how long it would take until I ran out of topics. Similarly I had no idea whether anybody would actually read my blog (apart from the few people I could force to 😀 ). And now I’m 55 posts, nearly 100 comments (some controversial), over 4000 spam comments, and more than 22000 views from all over the world (kind of) older. Seems somebody is actually interested in what I have to say… 8)

The evergreen of my posts is certainly ASP.NET 2.0 DataBinding Examined. Only moderately rated on dotnetkicks.com it is constantly among the top 3 posts.
IDisposable – 1, 2, 3, … on the other hand is the shooting star. No other post got that kind of feedback or went up that fast and high in rating. Actually I find that a little curious because it “only” subsumes stuff that is available in the documentation.
Not surprisingly, the little excursion into the java world is among the least viewed posts.
My personal favourite (and that of some people whose opinion I value) however is Frameworks – don’t let ‘em frame you!.

When I began blogging I also made a promise to myself that I would seriously reconsider writing this blog somewhere down the road. And since I’ve run out of topics lately anway, this is the perfect occasion. (This is not to say there are no topics. Actually I have been enganged in too many things at the same time during these last weeks, with not enough time to properly contemplate the ramifications.) 

Well, if you’ve got any suggestions or general feedback (including “Stop pestering us!” — just phrase it politely 😉 ) this is your chance. Just don’t expect a quick answer, for I’ve earned my vacation 😉

That’s all for now folks,


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