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September 3, 2009

PDC08 – THE CRIME Part 2: Management Panics

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OK, I’m back. Nobody is watching me… right now…, so I can reveal some more information.

Just after the incident nobody thought about cover-up. That came later. Rather THE CRIME quickly got management attention. The shock obviously went deep.

“My dear friends. Before I get to the finest newest technology in the world, I have to bring you some very sad news…”


“… I’m still deeply shocked myself…”


“… I implore you to help us solve this… this… lèse-majesté!”


That rambling went on for some time, but Ray certainly kept his dignity. In the end he even offered some consolation to the equally shocked audience.


“But rest assured! We WILL find this criminal and we WILL bring him to justice…”


“We shall not allow this to happen again!”


I also got some reactions…. Excuse me? Uhm, no, this is just a personal e-mail… (Sorry, have to leave…)



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