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September 13, 2009

PDC08 – THE CRIME Part 5: The Investigation

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Nobody around? OK. It’s not that I’m paranoid. OK, I may be a … well, that doesn’t mean they’re not… . But the following may explain….

Anyway, it was not long until the professionals arrived.

Some forensics specialists…


Some, let’s call them detectives,… – see that innocent looking guy right in front? Did you notice that he is obviously watching the audience in front of him, rather than what’s going on on the stage? See? And two rows behind him, probably his assistant, looking directly at ME?  


But most important was the arrival of THE INVESTIGATOR. Nobody knew him. At first nobody even knew he was there; he was inconspicuous to the point of invisibility. But he had a reputation of sneaking up on the criminal and put him in handcuffs before I even knows what happened to him… me…


He would spot the suspect in a crowd like a blood hound. Hunt him down… hunt me… OH NO!!


… and finally confront me. “Excuse me?… … Who me, sir?… … No sir, I know nothing about no LIN… uhm… what did you call that?”


I took a while and I had to admit some of my lesser crimes (like installing OS/2 when I was young, or laughing at Bill Gates), but finally I could convince him that I was an innocent bystander. Yet I still shudder from the experience…. It was so…. Sorry, I’m too stirred up right now to continue…



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