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September 19, 2009

PDC08 – THE CRIME Part 7: The Revelation

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Despite the the cover-up, they couldn’t prevent the public revelation. They most likely simply didn’t know what Bob had in mind when he entered the stage. Otherwise they would have done everything to restrain him.

Anyway, finally he broke the silence. Not only did he reveal who was behind THE CRIME, but he also made clear how high this conspiracy ranked, if he himself knew about it…

“I, Bob M., do confess that I knew from the very beginning about…”


“Chris and Don are not bad people, really, …”


“… they are just misguided, maybe hung out with the wrong people…”


“… we have to help them. Make them see the wrong in their doing.”

Of course this part was cut out of the official recordings of the key notes. I also couldn’t ask him personally later on because he supposedly started his vacation earlier than planned. Yeah, right. But he is still alive, I mean, they didn’t go that far… so far.



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