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September 21, 2009

PDC08 – THE CRIME Part 8: The Guilty

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Hi there, I hope, you’ve recovered from the shock? If you’re like me, you’ll want those… those… seriously punished. Of course, due to the cover-up they couldn’t discipline them as they deserved. That would have caused to much public notice. But they found means, obviously,… .

For one thing they gave each of them a… mentor

“Someone stole my belt…” “No Don, no one stole your belt!”


“Chris was supposed to be here but he ‘volunteered’ for toilet cleaning!” “Now Don, isn’t that nice? Doing something positive?”


Apparently Don didn’t take that all very good. He reverted to drinking… 


And then happened what made me shiver, and, ultimately, break the silence…  Don’s mood changed…

“You know what?”


“I just got a wonderful idea….” “Don? Don’t start something foolish. Again. You know what happened…”


“YES! But you will not catch me NEXT TIME. Wait until PDC 09!”


I can tell you, I was in shock. I don’t remember how I got back to the hotel. My colleagues have been wondering about my apparent paranoia ever since then. I can’t help it, I always have this… image… of … LINUX … running on my … and that of other innocent and less prepared victims… oh no, I can’t take it no longer. I had to tell you and I’m sorry I had to give you nightmares. But you have to be prepared. Someone had to warn you…



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