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September 26, 2009

PDC08 – THE CRIME Part 9: Aftermath!

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Hi had barely recovered from the shock when I realized that I needed proof and witnesses if anyone was supposed to believe this story, and not dismiss it as a conspiracy theory. It was a foregone failure…

I tried various channels:  

Officials didn’t know (or reveal) anything!


Other attendees searched for some kind of evidence – no success either.


  The local muscle knew nothing.


Law enforcement was as confused as I was.


When the PDC closed the doors for the last time, after sunset in L.A., I know that everything was lost.


The next day was October, 31st, and I still remember this strange girl, claiming to know something, but not really telling. Beyond some slightly insane giggle…


PS: This is it. I told it all. Obviously I will not come to this years PDC, not to watch an even more horrid crime unfold. To those still planning to go there: I wish you all a good time and – above all – an uneventful stay and a save return home!



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