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August 13, 2010

Out of the ordinary: Pakistan

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No bits this time.

Pakistan is encountering a "disaster [that] is one of the most challenging that any country has faced in recent years” (BBC). The infrastructure is already down, and yet another flood is announced (CNN). Food, clean water, and medicine are unavailable in large areas, diseases are imminent (BBC).  

At the same time the Red Cross (ICRC) reports “relief ‘not in sufficient quanitites’” (BBC) and the UN states that “massive scale-up [is] needed in Pakistan flood relief operation” (UN).

The German “tagesschau” reports that donations for Pakistan have been 620,000 €. During the same amount of time after the Haiti earth quake, donations have been as high as 20,100,000 € – 32 times as much (ARD, tagesschau, 12.08.10, 3:16). And this is apparently a general trend.


If you can read this blog post, chances are you’re better off than many people and certainly those affected by this catastrophe!


If you need some additional motivation try this photo series or youtube.



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