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September 27, 2009

PDC 08 – Recap

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So, PDC09 is not far away. But, sadly, I’m not going to make it this time.

I had thought for a longer time about posting some pictures from PDC08 as kind of a retrospective – but you know how it is, other things coming up, not much time, well.

And then this nut showed up, hijacked my blog and posted this nonsense about some crime that should have happened last PDC? Come on! Here’s the list of what I can only call a real good example of real dumb accusations:

Let me stress that again: There is no proof whatsoever to this story! As I see it, all these accusations are groundless, all people addressed are innocent victims. So, please, do not accuse anyone of installing LINUX on somebody’s machine if you don’t have proof. Much less on the grounds of this story! 😉

All that remains for me is some complementary pictures:

 Windows Azure was THE big announcement at PDC08, and it’s going to be one of the major topic for PDC09. Microsoft really has something here that might change a lot in the long run. If they remove the two road blockers, that is: One, they need to make this infrastructure available for enterprise customers to lower the barrier to entry. Two, they need to do what they always did: attract developers and create a prosperous community of enthusiasts around Azure. To achieve that, they need to offer the platform for free. All with reasonable constraints of course. And this is just my opinion.   


Oslo, and M, was another major topic. But I can’t help thinking that this was mainly because it was the “Don Box-Topic”. It’s been relatively quiet around it since then, and unfortunately this also includes the somewhat related “Dublin”, which I think is a very important step in the services area.


Hands-On-Labs was as always the best way to lay your hands on the stuff you heard about for the first time just this very morning. If you had the time.


Talking about the location, the first and the last thing you saw about PDC was L.A. …


the Convention Center…


… and if you didn’t use the shuttle system, it was probably Pico Station, featuring a great view at Downtown.

However, I have been attending 3 PDCs so far, all of them in L.A. I’d really like to see some other city next time? (Microsoft, I could give you a list of areas in the U.S., I haven’t visited so far 😉 ).

So much for my little retrospective. CU at PDCnext… .

That’s all for now folks,

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September 26, 2009

PDC08 – THE CRIME Part 9: Aftermath!

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Hi had barely recovered from the shock when I realized that I needed proof and witnesses if anyone was supposed to believe this story, and not dismiss it as a conspiracy theory. It was a foregone failure…

I tried various channels:  

Officials didn’t know (or reveal) anything!


Other attendees searched for some kind of evidence – no success either.


  The local muscle knew nothing.


Law enforcement was as confused as I was.


When the PDC closed the doors for the last time, after sunset in L.A., I know that everything was lost.


The next day was October, 31st, and I still remember this strange girl, claiming to know something, but not really telling. Beyond some slightly insane giggle…


PS: This is it. I told it all. Obviously I will not come to this years PDC, not to watch an even more horrid crime unfold. To those still planning to go there: I wish you all a good time and – above all – an uneventful stay and a save return home!


September 21, 2009

PDC08 – THE CRIME Part 8: The Guilty

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Hi there, I hope, you’ve recovered from the shock? If you’re like me, you’ll want those… those… seriously punished. Of course, due to the cover-up they couldn’t discipline them as they deserved. That would have caused to much public notice. But they found means, obviously,… .

For one thing they gave each of them a… mentor

“Someone stole my belt…” “No Don, no one stole your belt!”


“Chris was supposed to be here but he ‘volunteered’ for toilet cleaning!” “Now Don, isn’t that nice? Doing something positive?”


Apparently Don didn’t take that all very good. He reverted to drinking… 


And then happened what made me shiver, and, ultimately, break the silence…  Don’s mood changed…

“You know what?”


“I just got a wonderful idea….” “Don? Don’t start something foolish. Again. You know what happened…”


“YES! But you will not catch me NEXT TIME. Wait until PDC 09!”


I can tell you, I was in shock. I don’t remember how I got back to the hotel. My colleagues have been wondering about my apparent paranoia ever since then. I can’t help it, I always have this… image… of … LINUX … running on my … and that of other innocent and less prepared victims… oh no, I can’t take it no longer. I had to tell you and I’m sorry I had to give you nightmares. But you have to be prepared. Someone had to warn you…


September 19, 2009

PDC08 – THE CRIME Part 7: The Revelation

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Despite the the cover-up, they couldn’t prevent the public revelation. They most likely simply didn’t know what Bob had in mind when he entered the stage. Otherwise they would have done everything to restrain him.

Anyway, finally he broke the silence. Not only did he reveal who was behind THE CRIME, but he also made clear how high this conspiracy ranked, if he himself knew about it…

“I, Bob M., do confess that I knew from the very beginning about…”


“Chris and Don are not bad people, really, …”


“… they are just misguided, maybe hung out with the wrong people…”


“… we have to help them. Make them see the wrong in their doing.”

Of course this part was cut out of the official recordings of the key notes. I also couldn’t ask him personally later on because he supposedly started his vacation earlier than planned. Yeah, right. But he is still alive, I mean, they didn’t go that far… so far.


September 18, 2009

PDC08 – THE CRIME Part 6: A Copy Cat

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By the time I was left out of custody the cover-up was firmly in place. It was really spooky. Hence not many attendees may have noticed the copy cat incident…

“That hideous crime … scratch that, I’m not allowed to talk about that any longer. Anyway, I can live with LINUX. I mean, as long as I can install Visual Studio it could be running on DOS….”


“What… What is ‘Booting Linux Kernel’ supposed to mean?  … Wait! Where’s my Visual Studio? …”


  Fortunately the forensics where still around. They secured the evidence and got the machine running in no time. Real pros, I have to say.


Later the “problem” was explained as some ‘glitch’ in an early Windows 7 version. (There was some talk about a run-in, Scott supposedly had with Steven later that day, but I could never confirm that.)

Stay tuned, I’m getting closer. You’ll never believe the truth…


September 13, 2009

PDC08 – THE CRIME Part 5: The Investigation

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Nobody around? OK. It’s not that I’m paranoid. OK, I may be a … well, that doesn’t mean they’re not… . But the following may explain….

Anyway, it was not long until the professionals arrived.

Some forensics specialists…


Some, let’s call them detectives,… – see that innocent looking guy right in front? Did you notice that he is obviously watching the audience in front of him, rather than what’s going on on the stage? See? And two rows behind him, probably his assistant, looking directly at ME?  


But most important was the arrival of THE INVESTIGATOR. Nobody knew him. At first nobody even knew he was there; he was inconspicuous to the point of invisibility. But he had a reputation of sneaking up on the criminal and put him in handcuffs before I even knows what happened to him… me…


He would spot the suspect in a crowd like a blood hound. Hunt him down… hunt me… OH NO!!


… and finally confront me. “Excuse me?… … Who me, sir?… … No sir, I know nothing about no LIN… uhm… what did you call that?”


I took a while and I had to admit some of my lesser crimes (like installing OS/2 when I was young, or laughing at Bill Gates), but finally I could convince him that I was an innocent bystander. Yet I still shudder from the experience…. It was so…. Sorry, I’m too stirred up right now to continue…


September 12, 2009

PDC08 – THE CRIME Part 4: One Special Response

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Still about the initial reaction… . There where two guys especially concerned. Who would have thought… – but I don’t want to tell too much yet.

“This is plain disgusting…” “Oh yeah!”


  “Could you imagine something more vile?” “No never. Do you think they’ll catch him?”


  “No, I don’t think so. They’ll never find out that w…” “Uhmm!” “… ahm, I mean, we will never find out who did it!” ”He he.” “YES!”


“Oh, I’m still sooo shocked.“ “I have no words…”


“Let’s write some letter of condolence…” “OK, shot! I’ll write.” “You can’t write.” “Yes, I can!” “OK…”


“Dear Mr. Assassin…” “D-e-a-r… M… where is the M…”


I was deeply move by such caring guys. It was really touching.

But soon thereafter the whole affair became dirty. But I’d better switch my location again…


September 5, 2009

PDC08 – THE CRIME Part 3: Early Responses

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… that was false alarm. This time.

Anyway, about the reactions I managed to catch:

“What on earth is a human being thinking, installing LINUX on a machine of an innocent person…”


“… never understood those freaks. Must be some personality disorder…”


“You heard what happened?” “Yes, I was told that there were three of them…” “Hush, they’re going to cover-up. This is a marketing disaster.”


“Now personally I can understand that someone would get rid of Vista. But Anders actually had Windows 7 running and THAT is the real crime here….”


There were some more reactions, but I have to leave…


September 3, 2009

PDC08 – THE CRIME Part 2: Management Panics

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OK, I’m back. Nobody is watching me… right now…, so I can reveal some more information.

Just after the incident nobody thought about cover-up. That came later. Rather THE CRIME quickly got management attention. The shock obviously went deep.

“My dear friends. Before I get to the finest newest technology in the world, I have to bring you some very sad news…”


“… I’m still deeply shocked myself…”


“… I implore you to help us solve this… this… lèse-majesté!”


That rambling went on for some time, but Ray certainly kept his dignity. In the end he even offered some consolation to the equally shocked audience.


“But rest assured! We WILL find this criminal and we WILL bring him to justice…”


“We shall not allow this to happen again!”


I also got some reactions…. Excuse me? Uhm, no, this is just a personal e-mail… (Sorry, have to leave…)


August 31, 2009

PDC08 – the unrevealed crime (Part 1)

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Alright, this blog is hijacked! I’m not going to tell you who I am, and it’s up to you whether you believe me or not. But I’m here to tell you the truth! The truth about what happened last PDC. I have to be careful, though. Once the word gets around, I will be in grave danger. Thus I have to keep my anonymity. Nobody will be happy about me telling the world about… THE CRIME.

You never heard about it? No wonder. Ask someone who was at the last PDC to tell you something about THE CRIME. You’ll see people hunching down, backing off, finding excuses to leave, or otherwise evading the topic. It’s the dirty secret we all share and that to the best of my knowledge, nobody has told yet. It’s a hideous crime, and the cove-up that ensued is on par with the fake moon landing. (You know the moon landing never happened, don’t you?)

But this time, it’s going to be different. This time the truth will be told. I will tell it, for I cannot bear the burden of endangering the attendees of the upcoming PDC on my conscience.


It happened to the most revered, and well regarded, father of Turbo Pascal. (And some other languages, I guess. He never managed Modula, though, but that’s really NOT AN EXCUSE!): Anders Hejlsberg!


I was a witness and I happened to have my camera ready to document THE CRIME first-hand (and I sneaked it out when all cameras where confiscated!). See for yourself:

 “What’s that…?” “No… that can’t be…? Must be some hardware problem…”

 “Really it has to do with these cables…?”
“No Anders, look at your screen. If the problem is not on the screen, it’s probably in front of it.”


Note: In the interest of the innocent I’ll leave out the rather pitiful scenes and groundless accusations that followed. Suffice it to say that Anders eventually had to accept the fact that somebody installed LINUX on his machine! Imagine the insolence! The effrontery! the sheer impudence! A penguin mocking a distinguished person like Anders, and along with him the whole assembled Microsoft celebrity!

Of course that didn’t amuse Anders in the slightest way…


 “I’m usually a nice and likable guy, …”

 “… but let me get my hands on this culprit, this evildoer, this…” (again, I have to protect the innocent.)


And yet, this… abomination… was only the beginning of the story…. But I have to go, that guy over there is eying me suspiciously. More when I’m save again…


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