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September 18, 2009

PDC08 – THE CRIME Part 6: A Copy Cat

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By the time I was left out of custody the cover-up was firmly in place. It was really spooky. Hence not many attendees may have noticed the copy cat incident…

“That hideous crime … scratch that, I’m not allowed to talk about that any longer. Anyway, I can live with LINUX. I mean, as long as I can install Visual Studio it could be running on DOS….”


“What… What is ‘Booting Linux Kernel’ supposed to mean?  … Wait! Where’s my Visual Studio? …”


  Fortunately the forensics where still around. They secured the evidence and got the machine running in no time. Real pros, I have to say.


Later the “problem” was explained as some ‘glitch’ in an early Windows 7 version. (There was some talk about a run-in, Scott supposedly had with Steven later that day, but I could never confirm that.)

Stay tuned, I’m getting closer. You’ll never believe the truth…



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